About Us

We started this company because we love our trade! 

Our company is now over 14 years old and we still love our trade. We are a very reliable and honest small boutique business.

Our mission is always to perform high quality work and to fully satisfy our customers. To do this we engage in a good thoughtful conversation with our client to ensure we are on the same page.  Over the years we have recognised that our clients want more than the convenience of having someone to maintain their property. Many are now looking at installing their own vegetable gardens and being more self-sustaining. We enjoy building these and therefore have added to our itinerary the following; bespoke raised marocarpa garden beds and some furniture to complement the settings.

Because we are a family of people and animals we know that the right environment is paramount to a healthy happy lifestyle for all. We have chickens so enjoy fresh eggs, good compost and healthy vegetable gardens. We also enjoy watching each chickens own unique personality shine through.........that is highly entertaining.

On the other hand the dogs don't give us much, but are great company who enjoy the chicken food if not watched and get jealous if the chickens get fed before them....... it can be a bit of a juggling match.

Because we have such a wonderful diverse family we work hard to ensure a clean green eco-friendly environment.

We enjoy helping people to create the environment they want to live in, one that is suitable to their individual needs. We work in harmony with the natural landscape around us and bring out the best.
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